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Shri Harmilap Glass Co.

Expertly crafted glass solutions that stand the test of time

Shri Harmilap Glass Co. has been serving the glass needs of customers across India since 1985. Started as a colour (tukdi glass) decorator, catering to temples, gurudwaras, masjids, and homes, but our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction led us to expand our operations and serve customers across the country. SHGC takes pleasure in providing tailored solutions that match the specific demands of each of our clients, whether the project is residential, commercial, or industrial. From beautiful glass railings to breathtaking shower enclosures, Our professionals provide a wide choice of superior glass goods to meet our customers’ different needs. 

SHGC has established itself as one of the leading glass companies in India via a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction. Our commitment to quality, dependability, and affordability has gained us a devoted customer base, and our experts continue to try to improve our services and products to meet our client’s changing needs.

Unveiling our work process

The art of delivering results!

We believe in a smooth and effective work process that ensures our clients receive high-quality glass solutions. Our method is time-tested, perfected over years of experience, and fine-tuned to perfection. From measurements to final results, our team believes in perfection at each step of the way.


Measuring up to your expectations, one pane at a time.

Ideas Generation

From inspiration to creation - our team generates glass ideas that impress.


Excellence in every detail - our commitment to superior glass inputs.


Expertly implementing your glass vision - our commitment to excellence.

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